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You! The ambitious mid-lifer who needs re-empowering. You've lost your way a little, feeling super frustrated with your values not matching action and you just can't balance the stresses of work, family etc and having a life! You've let workload get on top of you, swamped with the "shoulds" and can't see your way out. I promise you, you already have the tools and skills to get back on top - let me help you find them. 

You! The "lost mid-lifer" who's invested their time and energy in everyone else but themselves. You've hit mid-life and realised you want to explore options for yourself but need a safe, non-judgemental space to navigate your next move. You've had enough and know there's a way to change the life script. Let me coach you through. 

You! The long serving employee (or employer), formerly dedicated to their craft but realise it's not working for you anymore as you hit middle age. You want life to take a different path and you're bravely navigating the emotional decision to stop and reassess. You want to confidently transition into your next stage and embark on a new adventure. Let me empower your next move. 

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I take a holistic approach to coaching and coach the person not the problems. I will coach the needs of the individual using a variety of methods, including Transactional Analysis, but always ways that are bespoke to you. Most of my sessions are 1 to 1 via video call or face to face. I also work with small groups towards a common goal with DISC analysis incorporated into the package. I'm very much looking forward to getting back face to face, away from the screen and supporting clients with practical, take home tools. 

I can coach people worldwide - through means of video or phone calls. Locally - face to face, anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Worthing, West Sussex (omitting the sea!) during the working week. I'm available to travel UK country wide subject to travel and accommodation requirements at the cost of the client.

Contact me for details of current offers and coaching packages to suit your budget. 


I will support you by raising your self-awareness with powerful questioning to give clarity and enable you to move forward into a life you really want. 

I will assist you in creating practical, step by step action plans towards reaching your goals and ambitions. 

I will provide ongoing support through all the changes and possible obstacles you may encounter along the way. 

I will absolutely empower you with all the tools, techniques and strategies you need for long lasting change. 

I commit to all of the above and will endeavour to empower you. It does and always will start with you. 

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”