"Jenni’s coaching sessions have been incredibly beneficial. Over 6 months with Jenni I have made the leap to change careers and follow my dream job.

Through selective questioning Jenni listened to and sifted through my ramblings which she used to help me set goals that shaped my career choices.

The sessions made it clear I was capable of making this change and gave me the confidence to do so.

I felt when goals were set and broken down into achievable chunks I could achieve them. And I did! This was all because of Jenni and her ability to motivate and get the best out of me.

I could not recommend her enough to others, especially teachers, who need someone to listen, inspire and make brave career choices.

Ryan O'Connor 
Freelance Designer/Front End Developer


"I found I had reached a point in my life where although I was very happy in my career as an artist and teacher, I needed more to fill my time and with the pandemic having occurred I needed to look at how to fill that time in a meaningful way. I had ideas but when it came to laying them out and working through them I was stuck. 

Jen supported me to find clarity not only about what to do moving forward, but also in how to balance that with every day life. I really enjoyed being coached by Jen. She never told me what to do, but I got to realise for myself what to do and how to do it. 

I felt truly empowered and have since gone on to implement what I learned and discovered leaving me very excited about the future! 

If I ever feel the need for further coaching, I can only think of one person to turn to and that would be Jen."


Strong Woman, Artist, Coach


"I have appreciated the time Jenni has dedicated to help me figure out some direction and organise my thoughts. She has made me look at myself from the outside in and re-frame my perceptions of how I thought other people perceived me. I was nervous about the process but Jenni instantly put me at ease and explained everything really well.

Through her questioning she has helped me see that I had no evidence for the negative thoughts and things that were stopping me from progressing. I am now able to do all those things I wanted to with confidence. I have the knowledge within me and I have been given the tools to use it.

I would recommend Jenni to anyone who needed guidance in their self belief or lacking in confidence in their own ability. I’ve become extremely productive as a result of these sessions and confident in continuing to build my business and online presence from here."




"Coaching sessions with Jen have mostly been over the phone - it can be done! 

I come away from them feeling so much more confident and ready to put my plans into action. I've had a tough time getting my business set up and even though I knew what I had to do, Jen was able to coach me through my problems and empower me to find solutions. 

I'm so grateful for her time and think she has the right amount of professional and friendly. 

I look forward to each session and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach. "

Owner and Director