DISC Profiling

I am a fully accredited to administer and interpret DISC personality profile assessments through The Coaching Academy. 

Knowledge of the DISC system empowers you to understand yourself often in a profound way. Understand your own behavioural styles in order for you to adapt your leadership and communication of and with others. Use it to help demonstrate certain skills you have to prepare for job interviews or setting up your own business. It can help when you understand how to minimise and prevent conflict as well as enhancing teamwork, influence and motivation through an understanding and appreciation of the foundations you move from. It's one of many powerful tools used in personal and team development. 

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Packages start from £65 p/p for a minimum of 5 people.


D - Dominance

Decision- Makers, Direct in Communication, Risk- Takers, Competitive, Goal & Results-Oriented, Innovative, Challenges the Status Quo


I - Influence

Outgoing, Welcoming, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Impulsive, Persuasive, Emotional, Encourager of Others, Creative Problem Solver, Influential


S - Steadiness

Stable, Reliable, Values Safety & Security, Sympathetic to Others, Team Player, Non-Confrontational, Peacemaker, Loyal, Patient, Consistent


C - Compliance

Accurate, Conscientious, Systematic, Organised, Analytical, Fact-Finder, Even-Tempered, Methodical, Thorough, High-Standards